I’m Aleks, a UX Designer

I am focused on creating digital experiences that empower people and solve real issues.

I have experience in

UX/UI Design

I create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences.

Product Research

I refine new product ideas and understand what customers needs.

Usability Testing

I test products to create a smooth product experience.

Recent Work

Cryptocurrency Payment System

Payment system that allows users to send money fast and cheap


iOS asthma management & monitoring app

Airbnb Flights

Adding a feature to the iOS app.

Fuel Coffee Shop

Refreshing an outdated brand with a new look.

KAUS Insurance

Creating a responsive e-commerce site to sell insurance online.

About me

I am Aleks, a UX Designer based in Seattle. I focus on understanding people through empathy to design solutions to meet their actual needs. I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to wear different hats in my professional life: designer, IT specialist, and sales professional.

In my experience in the design industry, I learned the value of effective communication, negotiation, collaboration, and relationships. UX Design field has attracted me because I am able to transfer creativity into design solutions.

I also learned much about people’s frustrations, and I discovered a proven process for going beyond making a sale to understanding and defining the core problems that need to be solved. The discipline of user experience design is a powerful tool that I am using to help people build design systems and create inspiring and enjoyable experiences.

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me playing soccer, hockey, and traveling across the US.

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